The Agora Journalism Center at the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) is the University of Oregon’s gathering place for innovation in communication and civic engagement. Agora works to create and support transformational media innovations in service to civic engagement, and civic engagement that informs media innovation. Agora seeks to articulate a vision and practice of journalism inextricably linked to the health of our democracy. Our projects employ collaboration, experimentation, and public engagement to transform how journalists inform and relate to their communities.


The Agora Journalism Center is devoted to creating and supporting transformational advancements in journalism and communication to enhance public knowledge and enrich civic life for all community members. The center energizes research, teaching and learning at the SOJC by fostering a culture of constant, meaningful innovation and diverse collaboration to serve the public good. Agora Journalism Center will:

Strengthen the SOJC’s place as a national and international leader in both journalism innovation and civic engagement.
Foster programs, projects, and research to support opportunities, action, and outcomes for SOJC students and faculty.
Generate and implement new, transformative ideas in an ever-changing media landscape.
Catalyze collaboration and partnerships with the academy, communities, and communications industries.
This intention flows from the SOJC philosophy — by combining professional practice with media research and a broad-based liberal art education emphasizing ethics, social responsibility, and the public interest, we create knowledge and prepare our students to be leaders in journalism and communication.