Science and Memory Climate Reporting Project

The UO School of Journalism and Communication students and faculty are in the midst of a three-year project in Cordova, Alaska, on the Copper River Delta, creating multimedia stories that explain climate-change research and how it affects the local communities. This experiential learning opportunity brings students and scientists together to create credible, accessible stories about area environmental research.

Under direction of Journalism Senior Instructor and Area Director Mark Blaine, MS ’00, who led the trip along with Carolyn Silva Chambers Distinguished Chair of Advertising and Advertising Area Director Deb Morrison, Senior Instructor of Photojournalism Dan Morrison, and Assistant Professor of Practice Torsten Kjellstrand, cohorts of journalism and advertising students spend the month of July in Alaska and then return to Eugene to continue telling stories.

“Journalism struggles with communicating about climate change and other complex problems,” Blaine says. “We wanted to look at new models of doing journalism related to these issues.”

Students and faculty chronicle their time in a field journal ( and continue to develop their research into a multi-platform, multimedia experiences.

Experience their journey in Cordova at