Who We Are

Regina Lawrence

Regina Lawrence
Associate Dean, School of Journalism and Communication Portland
Director, Agora Journalism Center
(503) 412-3677

Andrew DeVigal

Andrew DeVigal
Chair, Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement, Agora Journalism Center
(503) 412-3677

Andrea McFarlane

Andrea McFarlane
George S. Turnbull Portland Center Executive Assistant, Agora Journalism Center
(503) 412-3662

Erika Vogt

Erika Berardi
Events and Communications Project Manager, Agora Journalism Center
(503) 412-3693


Current Project Teams

joy mayer

Joy Mayer Community Manager, Gather

Emily Poole

Emily Poole Content Producer, Gather

Payton Bruni

Payton Bruni Content Producer, Gather

Alisha Wang Saville

Alisha Wang Saville Project Manager, Gather

Ann Powers Show Producer, Listeners Podcast

Kevin Beasely Content Tech Producer, Listeners Podcast


Caroline Mellor Graduate Researcher, Finding Common Ground



Mike Fancher

Mike Fancher Interim Director, Agora Journalism Center

Keegan Clements Housser

Keegan Clements-Housser Project Manager, Gather

Ben DeJarnette

Ben DeJarnette Project Manager, Gather

patty torchia

Patty Torchia Show Producer, Listeners Podcast

Jack Fisher

Jack Fisher Content Tech Producer, Listeners Podcast

Alex Ward

Alex Ward Consultant, Listeners Podcast

Riley Stevenson Editor, Gather